Sport Psychology Consulting

I was first interested in Sport Psychology back in the 1980’s when I was coaching at Cal.  When I was a swim coach at Cal we had many Sport Psychologist come and talk with our team.  I never found any that truly understood the psychological aspects of high level performance.  Most were focused on things like relaxation, visualization, motivation and goal setting.  While these are important components of success in sports they are only the tip of the iceberg and something that we at Cal already used.  It was then that I decided to go to graduate school to peruse working in the field of Sport Psychology.

I have been an MFT (Marriage Family Therapist)since 1992.

“My work focuses on some of the core issues, beliefs and situations that hold people back in sports.  I work individually with the athlete to help them deal with the pressures of competition, parents, coaches as well as self imposed expectations.”

I have worked successfully with athletes at all levels in sports – from young to professional athletes.